What does this do to my insurance?

All Insurance Companies selling in Arizona are required to at least offer a Glass Waiver (100% coverage) to you the customer. They do this because Arizona passed a State law that required them to.  ARS 20-264 states that Auto Glass and Windshield replacement falls under the comprehensive portion of your insurance rather than the “collision” portion. A separate glass endorsement will be about $5- $15 a month and controlled by Arizona department of insurance.

Broken glass does not reflect your driving habits and has no bearing on your level of risk to the insurance company. Therefore the repair or replacement of your windshield is a “no fault” claim that will not influence your insurance premiums or put points on your license.

What does it take to file an autoglass claim?

15 minutes of your time and one phone call. We can get our insurance provider’s glass network on the line with us on a three-way call and get it all done then and there. There is no need to get your agent involved, and we can help you bypass Safelite selling you into their system.

How long will this take?

Most windshield replacements take 45 minutes on average, depending on the complexity of your vehicle. We are a fully mobile service that comes to you, so there is no travel time involved. After the installation, a 1-hour wait is necessary for the urethane to cure to safety standards.

Can you come to my office?

Absolutely! We are a fully mobile service that will come to wherever you are within the Phoenix Metro Area. All we ask is that you have the available space, time, and permission for the installation.