Windshield Replacement

All Insurance Companies selling in Arizona are required to at least offer a Glass Waiver (100% coverage) to you the customer. They do this because Arizona passed a State law that required them to. Broken windshields are distracting and unsafe on our roads.

Auto Glass and Windshield replacement falls under the comprehensive portion of your insurance rather than the “collision” portion. Broken glass does not reflect your driving habits and has no bearing on your level of risk to the insurance company. Therefore the repair or replacement of your windshield will not influence your insurance premiums or put points on your license.

We replace front windshields of all years, makes, and models of vehicles. We use top-notch materials, including urethane that cures to safety standards within an hour! We are a preferred shop with all insurance companies, and perform timely service.

We do NOT offer gift cards, or $100 cash back on windshield replacements. This is because we do not cut corners in our service and materials for you, and we don’t overcharge your insurance company.

Rock-Chip Repair

Much of the windshield damage that occurs out here starts with a small rock chip from the road. Often times when these small chips are left unattended, they spread beyond repair and the windshield will need to be replaced. We will repair chips that can be covered by a silver dollar, and the repair will prevent spread and restore the windshield’s structural integrity.

Tempered Glass

This includes door, vent, quarter, and back windows that are generally tempered glass. Breaking this glass can be a big scary mess. Let us replace the glass and help you clean the hazardous mess! We are quick to get to you, cause nobody has time for that!

Window Motor and Regulator Replacement

Have a window that won’t budge? You likely have a broken or worn window regulator or motor. We can help with the replacement of such parts.

Large Vehicles

This includes most commercial trucks, motor homes, and RV’s. Many glass shops turn these down because of the use of a ladder. We have the experience and are up to the challenge!

Headlight Restoration

Here in the Arizona sun a vehicle’s plastic headlights can take a beating – They often fade and corrode thus limiting your ability to see properly at night. We polish and buff your headlights to it’s original clarity, and seal it with a chemical that keeps it clear for the long run.

Automotive Glass Tinting

A lot of the automotive glass that breaks here in Arizona is tinted! Let us replace the tint for you on your brand-new windshield before it goes in the vehicle!





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