Bruce Stevens: With over twenty years of owning and running MRAUTOGLASS, Bruce has become more than familiar with all the tricks of the trade associated with the Autoglass industry. Now living in Mesa, Bruce and his wife Marie have 4 kids. In what spare time he has being the owner of two businesses, he works on and races cars, shoots guns, and spends quality time with the family.




Brandon Stevens: Master technician extraordinaire! Brandon has been around the Autoglass world his entire life and has picked up the tricks of the trade by trailing his dad on jobs from a young age. He has a nack for all things mechanical, and loves to work on his performance Subaru vehicles. His experience and passion for cars brings a lot to the table in the MRAUTOGLASS game.




Jeff Martineau: Jeff takes the phone, works with insurance companies, and takes the rest of the office work alongside being a technician. Jeff has been affiliated with the Stevens family in one way or another for about as long as MRAUTOGLASS has existed. He and his wife Alexa live here in Mesa with their young daughter. Jeff is currently in school, and in his spare time loves wildlife photography, hiking, and spending time with his family.